Inside Babini

What's behind all our products

Passion for details

Each one of our product is the result of a tested design process made of original creative intuitions, research and feasibility analysis, product industrialization, using high professional profiles and highly sophisticated software. Our care and attention to detail and the extremely high level of customization make our products unique and incredibly functional.
Babini - Passion for details

Production capacity

All the phases of the production process are performed within the company (a site of 46,000 square meters, 26,000 of which are a covered area), from raw material processing to the assembly of half-processed products, allowing us to have a very high quality standard ( less than 1% of defective products) and to produce within short deadlines. Thanks to the adoption of advanced manufacturing processes and to the selection of qualified raw material suppliers (of Italian and European origin) we are able to produce our entire range in accordance with the highest international standards and respecting the environment.

Customer care

We assist our customer at all times, from design to installation. Thanks to our configurator MobilCAD, we can both make the 2D / 3D model of the future layout and adapt the products to the specific needs of a working space. To ship our goods we rely on a certified network of logistics companies and, after delivery, our qualified technicians supervise the installation work and cooperate with local installation teams worldwide. Our big warehouse, covering an area of 8,000 sqm, allows us to maximize the speed of response to customer's requests.


Our goal is to reduce the impact of our production on the environment, providing us with cutting edge technologies, using fewer resources, recycling as much as possible, reducing waste and organizing shipments more efficiently. In 2011 we installed a system of photovoltaic panels with a capacity of 1,557 kw, producing 1,712,304 kWh per year, that is equal to save 907 521 kg / year of CO2 emissions: this means producing with no impact.

Environmental sustainability

In 2004 Babini Office obtained the UNI EN ISO 14001 certification. We only use 40% recycled steel,  80 to 100% recycled chipboard, 100% recycled glass and all of them are 100% recyclable. During the manufacturing process we do not use chemicals. Coatings on metals are made with zero V0C emissions epoxy powders and not with waterborne products. Our packaging comes from recycled carton and paper, 100% recyclable. Our chrome plating process is made using 100% sustainable trivalent chromium.