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The proper lighting for your workspace-Tips and suggestions to properly illuminate an environment or an office, thanks to the natural and artificial light.
16th OCT 2017

The proper lighting for your workspace-Tips and suggestions to properly illuminate an environment or an office, thanks to the natural and artificial light.

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The office space should be enlightened to the best to ensure maximum comfort and high performance. Try to exploit the natural light that is filtered from the windows. Also, the choice of Lamps is important: they guarantee a direct light source where they are you need it. Study artificial lighting so that it enhances the light of the sun at sunset. Remember that even the furnishings can make a difference, so like the color of the details.
Natural light
The desk must be in front of the source of light (or, even better, perpendicular), do not give your shoulders to the window. This is very important if you work at the computer: in addition to brighten the work environment, this way.
the light does not come directly to the screen, thus avoiding any reflections or shadows.
Enlight your desk with sunlight
If you do not have the option to place your desk under the window, evaluate the best location so that you can take advantage of sunlight. You have to avoid reflects, directly or indirectly, on the monitor and the keyboard.
Environments without windows
If you do not have the opportunity to organize the study in an already-equipped environment windows, take advantage of the natural light coming from other rooms. A great idea might be to put a reflective and transparent material in the wall that separates your studio from the nearby environment. You can opt for a glass panel  glass gives you greater brightness.
Remember to place your desk either in front of the light source or perpendicular, inso that natural light comes from the right direction.
Bright furniture
Small environments have lighting issues, but furnishings and colors can meet this need. Light shades not only give the perception that the environment is bigger, but make it brighter.
Reflecting surfaces
In addition to the colors, carefully check the details as well. For example, you can hang frames with glass frames above the desk. Glass is an interesting material to keep in mind when we talk about small spaces: it reflects both light natural that artificial lighting, thus contributing to make the environment brighter. Also consider that the reflection of light on glass can be annoying when you look at a picture, if the source of light (window or lamp) is behind, not if it comes laterally.
Artificial light: direct light
Natural light is privileged because it is the ideal source of illumination, however it is not enough. It must be integrated with artificial light. For the right lighting environment, you can choose direct light sources like
Ceiling luminaires: Mount a device above the workstation. This solution ensures the correct light in the environment. To have an adequate lighting on the workstation too, it is needed also a lamp
Adjustable lighting
The table lamp must be adjustable to direct the light to some points, rather than others. Choose a lamp that is also not bulky. A too big a model, with a massive base support, would cause you problems in space management.
Dimmable light
We recommend choosing a dimmer lamp, a regulator that you allows you to increase or decrease the intensity of light according to your needs. This solution also gives you greater energy savings, so a lower consumption bill.

Indirect frontal artificial light
You can also choose an indirect lighting type, a mounted device on the wall. Always opt for a product that allows you to orient the beam bright where it serves
Indirect lateral artificial light
If the wall behind the desk is busy, mount the device on the wall sideways compared to the workstation. Better left if you are not left behind, otherwise you opt for the right wall. Indirect artificial light allows you to have a more homogenous light on the workstation, but not enough for enlighten your office. If the environment light is weak, you can integrate it with a second device at wall or with spotlights in the ceiling: a less invasive solution, but that it takes more time and costs because you have to make a countertop for to collect spotlights.

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