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5 musts that cannot miss on your desk.
04th OCT 2017

5 musts that cannot miss on your desk.

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5 musts that cannot miss on your desk
Pens, pencils and post-it are part of the indispensable artwork; but to do good at work, personal effects must also find their place on the desk.

Whether you work in a chaotic open space or have an office all yours, the desk remains the basic element to start with. The place no one can do without completing the assignments assigned to him. Having a spacious and functional work plan can make a difference; comfort, at work, is a valuable ally that can save you time and energy. That's why the idea of ??furnishing your desk should not be underestimated: only if you have the desk of all that you really need (and some personal effects) you will be able to do well. But what are the objects that can not be missed? We have identified five of them

# 1. A personal photo. The office is the environment in which you are called to test your skills, but you do not necessarily have to leave off the clothes of men and women who are outside of it. No one asks you to bother your colleagues with the chronicle of your private life, but bringing a little bit of it to the office is not forbidden. Indeed: it can be stimulating. The advice is to place on your desk a photo that portrays you in a happy time of your life. You can choose a family trip or one with your friends. The essential thing is that it is not excessive or bad: it must put you in a good mood, in moments of maximum fatigue, not scandalize your colleagues and superiors who might see it.

#2.Chancellery items. It may seem trivial and despicable, but it does not mean anything. What you can not really miss on a worker's desk are stationery: pens, pencils, post-it, highlighters, tire, paperclips etc. Keep all the tools you need to take notes or write down ideas at hand of vital importance, although most of the information and data we use at work now transits from computers. And do not forget the organizers

# 3. A motivating phrase. Needless to deny it: stress days happen to everybody. When tiredness takes you back, depriving you of any energy, it could help you with a simple inscription. There are words able to give back the charge, messages that can turn on a new enthusiasm. Holding them at your fingertips could turn out to be a winning idea. After the bickering of the boss or the malumors with your colleagues, encountering a rehearsal of meaningful repentance and hope will help you bark anger and disappointment. And to regain confidence in yourself and in your abilities. It is not necessary to dissipate the maxims of the most beloved philosophers or writers; to make the smile smile, can be the thought of a dear person who has stopped on a leaf an affectionate greeting for you.

# 4. A touch of green. There are scientific studies that certify it: office plants improve mood, productivity, and make the environment healthier. The advice is to not place a cumbersome plant on your desk, which could hinder you in work maneuvers, but to opt for something small and colorful.

# 5. A personal effect. Bringing something strictly personal to the office can help give color to the greener days. Just like photos or motivating phrases, objects can get you back and help you get back on track. There are so many possibilities: there are those who carry a cup, a travel souvenir, and a simple magnet. The important thing is to "customize" the office angle you are living in, trying to make it as welcoming and comforting as possible. An object with strong emotional value can make you extraordinarily inspired. Seeing is believing.

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