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How to make your workstation really ergonomic
15th SEP 2017

How to make your workstation really ergonomic

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Organizing your desk where you work and improve your well-being, ergonomics, correct measurements, and technology space is the first rule to be productive and make your work enjoyable. What are the rules to follow? Here just a few:

1-Measurements of the work plane
To work and to live the fullest, you just have to comply with  small and simple rules that improve your well-being and health.
The work surface, to be practical and comfortable, must be at least 80 cm deep and 120 cm wide. These measures are designed to have sufficient depth for the keyboard, screen, and documents to be consulted while working on the PC. They use hanging screens or PCs with mini-keyboards, should hold at least 50 cm for standard screens, 60 cm for 15 inches and upwards, up to 80 cm.

2-The floor surface
It is generally best to choose a matt and neutral color finish for the worktop, so you do not risk glare as you look at the keyboard or documents. A reflective desk surface will tend to mirror the dazzling light as we work.

3-Space under the table
If high-rise people work at the desk, underneath the work surface there should be enough space for legs, knees and feet: the distance between the front edge of the worktop and the cross bars or cable ducts should not be less than 50 cm.

4-Choosing the chair
Just like the table, the chair must also be adapted to the height of the user. If for most people the chair should be adjustable from 40 cm to 52 cm, for a tall person (above 185 cm) you should be able to adjust the height from 46 cm to 62 cm, so be sure at the time of buy the convenience and functionality of your seat.

5- Organize the electrical outlets
At the desk the sockets are never enough, you have to connect any kind of device, from the tablet to the phone, from the PC to the camera. Each object needs a different grip and often the result is really confusing and bulky, better arranging with a tower to be paved for fixed devices such as Pc and Tower as well as table light, and a grip on the work surface or drawer for mobile devices. Thanks to the new retractable systems, which are embedded in the cabinet or come out of pressure, the result is perfectly organized without flying cables or uncomfortable connections.

One place for each device Often in thinking of our office, we forget about all the equipment that facilitates our work: printer, fax, copier, server or video audio system. In organizing our desk, we think of the position of each device so that we cannot find ourselves in a chaotic and unmanageable situation. Using Wi-Fi does not have to keep everything on the table, but we can use a specially designed cabinet that contains all the additional technology.

Now that you have the indications to best organize your workstation free to creativity, concentration and productivity

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