About us

Our professionalism comes from afar

For over 50 years Babini Office has designed and manufactured functional and high quality furniture office solutions, entirely made in Italy. Today Babini keeps on working on innovation, creating, implementing projects which look to the future, thanks to its longlasting experience and professionalism.

Founded by Giancarlo Babini and his brothers in 1963, within a few years Babini Spa steps into the world of office furniture, sensing the potential of a rapidly growing sector.That's how in 1985 Mr. Babini gave birth to Babini Groupwhich, with its products and solutions for the office, penetrates the market quickly, winning the respect of competitors and customer's confidence.

In 1999 World in Office, one of the most important distribution networks in Italy, was founded. Over 250 resellers joined it: thanks to this magazine dedicated to architecture and office, the network communicates to its target in a professional and detailed way, distributing more than 3 million copies and generating 8 million contacts.

After creating two new companies dealing with residential building, tourism and elite sport, in 2006 Giancarlo passed the helm to her daughter Monica Babini, who became the CEO of Babini Office. Since that time, going through a necessary reorganization due to the setback that the office furniture industry has suffered in recent years, the export sector has grown exponentially, up to covering 50% of total sales.

Today Babini Office is a dynamic and growing company, a synonym of professionalism and high quality, able to meet every need of the contemporary office: variability of layout, teamwork, sharing workplaces, hospitality and high representation.
The extreme flexibility and ability to customize solutions, the continuous search for a esthetic and technologic innovation, the reliability and enthusiasm of a professional and cohesive workteam, make Babini Office the best partner for those who want to transform their working environment in the ideal place to design, create and  live.



At Babini Office we believe that the best place to work is one where we feel at ease, a comfortable and functional one, which is suitable to our daily needs and that reflects our personality. It is only in an environment that we feel as ours, in fact, that we can be free to do our best every day.

That's why we are always looking for new ideas and smart proposals, we study every possibility of customization and we focus on innovation and design. We would like our customers to be free to give shape to their ideas in a space designed especially for them, where they can move freely and work smoothly and efficiently.

We have on our side a great capacity for listening  to customers and for finding a solution for everyone: the quality and modularity of our 100% Made in Italy products, the creativity of our designers, reliability and professionalism of our workteam, a long and proven experience, passion and enthusiasm for our work, allow us to get amazing results and have made our success over the years.

Our advantages in brief:

- Creativity: the continuous research in the field of design and in everything that can bring aesthetic and functional innovation to our products;

- Personalization: no project is too complicated when you are able to offer customer tailored solutions;

- Made in Italy:our beautiful and well made products, are completely made in Italy, with great care and attention to detail, because for us, quality comes first;

- Energy: without the enthusiasm and passion for our work we would not have achieved any result.